Saturday, January 7, 2012

Pandora Astrology Review

I had my third annual reading with Jamie prior to my birthday July 29th. I find Jamie to be insightful, honest and able to deliver feedback in a way that I can truly hear and relate to my life.

I utlilize the transits and recordings to help myself stay on track throughout the year. I find that paying attention to the transits allows me to make full use of things like timing and decision making. I especially like the personal year since my year is based differently than the seasonal year.

If you are interested in learning more about astrology and allowing the process to be a tool in your life, I definitely recommend Jamie. She is experienced and great at what she does. My thought is that any connection I can make to my life and goals that helps me on my way is a positive influence for me. I look forward to my next reading, without a doubt!

Albany, CA 94706
(510) 816-2504

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